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Photo Gallery | From Military Leader to Handywoman and Small Business Owner

Jo McCabe is the owner of Mr. Handyman in Manassas, Virigina, a locally owned small business that specializes in all major and minor home repairs. She is this week's Super NoVA for her booming local business and her ability to build her success on skills she learned from her days in military service.

McCabe began her military career in aircraft maintenance for the Navy. Later she spent eight years in physical security where she was overseeing the Navy's northeast region managing 1,500 people. Shortly after her exit from the military in 2008, she decided to put her MBA and management skills to use and bought the Mr. Handyman franchise. The transition from the military to business was not difficult for McCabe, she said, because being in the military gave her so many lessons to take away and apply to everyday life.

"Just take what you learned and build on your strengths. Leading a team of men and women in the military and leading a team of technicians and customer service reps is actually very similar, as long as you stay true to the system that's in place," said McCabe,

From 2009 to 2010 Mr. Handyman saw it's revenue increase 46% and this year they have grown another 8-10%. Mr. Handyman was also rewarded Franchisee of the Year for 2010 and they continue to push their business to new heights, while sticking to the basics of their business: making each customer's home repair "To Do" list manageable in a quick, efficient manner.

Why does McCabe believe her business has been so successful?

“I can’t stress its importance enough – surround yourself with a good team. At the same time, you have to be a flexible leader. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and make decisions based on input from your team. Focus on the basics and master those basics with good training. Like the military, Mr. Handyman offers the structure necessary to succeed, making it a great opportunity for me to transform myself from a military leader into a business leader.”

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