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Photo Gallery | Prince William County Community Devastated By Floods


DALE CITY, Va. (WUSA) -- Victoria Vitela lost her home of 11 years and everything inside.

The raging Marumsco Creek moved her home off its foundation.

Her porch is now found 10 homes down where it collided with a minivan.

Her's is number 14...number 15 is Matthew Heilig who hasn't seen his mobile home yet. He didn't have time to grab a thing last Thursday once water came rushing in.

Heilig says, "Only what is on my back."

9NEWS NOW was given access to the mobile home park Monday morning. 
What we are able to see of his home and what he already knows is that the news isn't good.

The waterline came up to the roof of the homes and in some cases beyond. More than 60 homes are destroyed that's more than half of the homes at Holly Acres mobile home park that are wiped out.

Asst. Chief Matt Smolsky says, "Can't imagine what they're going through. We are feeling a lot of passion for the folks and we're just here to help them out."

Prince William County Fire is surveying the damage and escorting families to see what they can salvage, in Victoria's case there's nothing to save.

More than 150 people are staying at a Red Cross shelter at the Dale City Recreation Center. 
While the children's homes are destroyed, there was a bit of normalcy for them as buses picked them up for school.

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