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Virginia Democrat Opposes Plan To Raise Taxes On Wealthy

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) - When the President came to a Fairfax neighborhood this week, he chose a place where a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans may not go over well.

"I'm not sure if I'm in favor of it," said Katie Hesford.

Republican Chris McCloskey who wore an anti-Obama t-shirt said, "I want to see the Bush era tax cuts extended."

The average annual household income in Fairfax County is over $100,000. And though couples pulling in $250,000 or more may not consider themselves wealthy in this high-cost-of-living region, they are. And they'd pay more taxes if the President has his way. But the President won't have Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly's vote.

"Now is not the time to be raising taxes on any income group," said Connolly.

Rep. Connolly says raising taxes on the wealthy could hurt the economy, which is what the republicans have been arguing.

Hockey Club Builds Rink After Blizzard

HAYMARKET, Va. (WUSA) -- Snowmageddon destroyed the Prince William Ice Center in Dale City, leaving one hockey club with no where to go.

The Prince William Hockey Club had to improvise.

"All our competitors after this happened, really stepped up and have been gracious enough to let us practice with them," says Tammie Andersen, hockey mom.

In October, the group will have a new place to call home in Haymarket, Va. Ronald Evans, Prince William Hockey Club, says members have been volunteering their time to help build the new rink.

"They brought sledge hammers and gloves. We provided them with helmets and safety glasses, and even some kids came to help," says Candace Pinnisi, hockey mom and director of membership.

Organizers say they used $400,000 in membership dues to build the rink. They're hoping to put the ice down this week.

Plan To Privatize Liquor Stores Revealed

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) -- Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has released details of his plan to privatize the liquor industry.
He says the state can raise $500 million by selling the 332 ABC stores Virginia owns.

Then he says the state can pull in $230 million annually by auctioning off 1,000 liquor licenses, the bulk of which will go to grocery and discount stores. Small stores and pharmacies will get the rest. He wants the money raised to go to local highway congestion relief projects.

"I like the idea of privatizing. And if it really does bring back money to the community, then I think it's a good idea," said Ginger Henney of Fairfax.

The plan reserves 600 licenses for large outlets such as grocery and discount stores. It reserves 250 for small mom-and-pop shops and another 150 for small-scale sales in pharmacies.

Military Community Reacts To Koran Burning

QUANTICO, Va. (WUSA)-- In the town of Quantico, where American flags fly just steps from the marine base, love of country and love of our troops reign supreme; but some see a change in the country's landscape.

"Like they say, the marines are at war, Americans are at the mall," said former Marine George Schaudel.

Schaudel served in the Korean and Vietnam wars and said the Florida pastor who wants to burn the Koran is against the troops because his actions could spark more violence and bloodshed overseas. "Like the General (Petraeus) said it could cause more problems than it could solve," he added.

Other members of sitting at the bar inside the Marine Corp League agreed. "I'm sure (it will cause violence) when you incite someone during a time of war," said Former Marine Jack Stewart, "it's adding more fuel to the fire."

"It's insensitive," said former Navy sailor Vic Piollucci, "but only in America it is a first amendment right."

Va. Police Chief Questions Immigration Policy

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A Virginia police chief is calling on federal government officials to stop giving employment authorization cards to illegal immigrants with pending deportation proceedings after the recent death of a nun.

Prince William County police chief Charlie Deane mentioned the August death of a nun who was allegedly killed by a drunken driver who is not legally in the country in the letter to Homeland Security officials released Friday.

Police say 23-year-old Carlos Martinelly Montano, who is from Bolivia, was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement after a previous arrest, but he was released pending a deportation hearing.

Deane says Montano received an employment authorization card after his second DUI offense and that Montano used the card to obtain a Virginia driver's license.

Dog Attacks Va. Animal Shelter Worker

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Prince William County police say a pit bull has mauled an animal shelter worker.

Police say the dog was being walked on a leash to its owner when it suddenly attacked the 51-year-old woman at the shelter on Bristow Road on Wednesday. They say she was treated at a hospital for severe injuries to her leg and foot.

Two other shelter employees were able to contain the dog, which officials say had not previously shown signs of aggression toward the shelter staff. The pit bull had been quarantined at the shelter for the past 11 days after attacking three family members.

Police say the pit bull's owner decided to put down the dog.

Candlelight Vigil for Local Teens Killed in Car Accident

There will be a candlelight vigil tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Battlefield High School in Prince William County in honor of Derek Meffert and Stephen Dixon. Meffert, 15, and Dixon, 18, were killed over the weekend in a car accident coming back from a Rascall Flatts concert when their car spun out of control and was struck by another vehicle.

Dixon graduated from Battlefield this past spring and Meffert was about to enter into his sophomore year. Meffert was an avid reader, musician, athlete, and had a great sense of humor, said his mother, Yolanda Meffert.

Prince William County police spokesman said that both speed and alcohol were believed to be factors in the accident that occurred at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday on Logmill Road. The vigil tonight at Battlefield High School is located at 15000 Graduation Drive in Haymarket, VA.