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42 County Schools Named School of Excellence

From Prince William County Public Schools:

Virginia History Textbook Said To Contain Big Lie

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) - It's well known, thanks to the movie Glory, that black soldiers fought for the Union. In the Confederate Army, historians say thousands of slaves worked as laborers, not as soldiers, but a new fourth grade textbook, "Our Virginia: Past and Present," has a different take.

"The people in Richmond who approved this book should be fired," said Jeremy Mayer, George Mason University Public Policy Associate Professor. "What do you have a credentialling board for textbooks for if not to catch howling errors?"

He and many historians are outraged about this line in the book, "Thousands of Southern blacks fought in the Confederate ranks, including two black battalions under the command of Stonewall Jackson."

Museum Shooting Investigation May Cause Traffic Mess

TRIANGLE, Va. (WUSA) -- Police will be searching along I-95 in Virginia starting at 8:00 morning for clues to the Marine Corps museum shooting.

Someone fired several bullets into the building last weekend.

Police have concluded their analysis of the bullets that were recovered at the scene.  Right now they are not releasing details of their findings. 

No one was hurt in the shooting.  Officials estimate the museum suffered approximately $20,000 worth of damage.


I-66 Speed Limit Going Up To 70

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Three-fifths of the miles on Virginia's Interstate highways will have speed limits increased from 65 mph to 70 mph by year's end, Gov. Bob McDonnell said Wednesday.

The 5 mph jump will apply to nearly 679 of the state's 1,119 miles of interstates.

A 27-mile stretch of Interstate 295 near Petersburg and nearly 62 miles of Interstate 85 are already posted at 70 mph.

McDonnell said allowing motorists to hammer down a bit will "help Virginians arrive at their destinations quicker and safer and will speed the delivery of goods and services."

Authority to raise the speed limit in stretches deemed safe by Virginia Department of Transportation engineering reviews came in two bills the General Assembly enacted last winter. The legislation passed comfortably despite opposition from insurance industry and highway safety groups, who said higher speeds make the highways less safe.

Woodbridge High School Student Wins State Art Contest

From Prince William County Public Schools:

Congratulations to Kevin Martinez, a senior at Woodbridge High School participating in the CFPA Visual Arts Program. As a junior, he entered an acrylic painting depicting patriotism in the "Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest" through the Historical Occoquan Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). He placed first at the local level then moved on to take first place in the state level VFW Patriotic Art Contest.

Visitors React To Shots Fired At Marine Corps Museum

TRIANGLE, Va. (WUSA) -- As visitors walk into the museum and look up at a Harrier suspended from the ceiling, they notice bullet holes in the windows.

Charles Grow, Deputy Director of the National Museum of the Marine Corps, said employees noticed the holes Sunday. He said there are five holes in the windows and another five that hit the building.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance tape. Grow says the shots seemed to have come from the direction of I-95.

"This place is supposed to be a sacred place where Marines can come back and look at their history and honor their history," said John D'Avanzo, retired Marine. "To hear something like this is disheartening."

Others say they are angry and sad that someone would shoot at the museum.

Grow said none of the museum's artifacts are damaged. They are planning to replace the windows and repair the building.


Fairfax Police 'Scale Back' Search For Missing Boater

FAIRFAX STATION, Va. (WUSA) -- Police have confirmed the missing woman's identity as 64-year-old Julia Shew of Lorton, Va. Rescuers say she has been missing since Saturday.

Police still have not found her remains and they say they'll "scale back" efforts to find her today.

Fairfax Police will continue to use their helicopter, Marine Patrol and divers. However, they will be limiting their search to the boat launch area of the park. Therefore, all other Fountainhead Park facilities will be open Tuesday.

Friends say Shew was supposed to compete in the Occoquan Chase and was last seen in her scull boat, practicing.

Police say she launched her boat Saturday morning. Around 11 a.m., Junior Ranger Carl Martin says he saw her rowing alone without a life jacket. Later that evening, Shew didn't come back to shore, so club employees went looking for her.

Police say they found her boat, overturned in the water with her shoe floating nearby.