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Miss Virginia 2010 Speaks to Local Elementary School

This morning, Miss Virginia 2010, Caitlin Uze, spoke to Prince William County's Mountain View Elementary School students. She spoke about about saying "no" to alcohol, body image, self image, and bullying. The elementary school gym was filled with first through fifth graders and faculty; Uze gave more intimate presentations to each kindergarden classroom afterwards. 

Miss Virginia displayed a picture on the large screen of her from when she was in elementary school. She explained how she was bullied and teased because of her glasses, braces, and the way she spoke with a lisp. It is not about the outside "package," but rather more important things like how you do in school, was her message. "But the truth is, when other people judge you, they are not defining you, they are defining themselves," said Uze. 

Honor, Anger And Fear At Marine Museum

TRIANGLE, Va. (WUSA) -- Tribute with a wary eye.

Thousands of people remembered veterans' sacrifices at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. But some felt a little trepidation.

Honor, anger, fear. Lots of emotion outside a museum that's been shot up twice by a gunman who remains at large.
A guy who has now hit different military facilities in Northern Virginia five times in the last two months.

For 11-year-old TJ Lower, it's tough to find a better place to spend Veterans Day. "There's nothing better in the world than the Marines."

But it's hard for him to accept that up there in the soaring atrium, bullet rounds marked by black tape are signs of someone with an unexplainable fury at the American military. "I feel so destroyed inside because who would want to do such a thing," says TJ. 

In the nearly four years since it opened, more than two million people have visited.

Teen Creates Website For Arlington Graves

STAFFORD, Va.  (WUSA) -   "One father had to identify his son who'd been dead for two years by his tattoo. I can't imagine that," said Ricky Gilleland.  

 After 16-year-old Gilleland heard about the hundreds of mismanaged and mis-marked grave sites at Arlington National Cemetery, he decided to do something to help.  

"A cemetery that has more than 300,000 graves,   still using index cards?  Ridiculous," he said.

Ricky comes from a military family.  His brothers are in the Airforce, his dad the Army, his step dad is Retired Navy,  and his great great great grandfather fought in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Virginia Wants More Hunters For Deer Season

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says it's trying to lure former hunters back to the deer woods.

The agency says it's started sending postcards to former hunting license holders. The message encourages them to return to the sport and to share the experience with others.

The recruitment drive comes as Virginia's main deer season approaches. The gun season is scheduled to open Saturday.

While hunters kill about 250,000 deer a year in Virginia, the Game and Inland Fisheries Department says it needs hunters to keep the 1 million-strong population in check.

1st Nationally Franchised Urgent Care Expands to Woodbridge

From Katy Millberg of Doctors Express:

Fimian Concedes To Connolly In Tight Race

ANNANDALE, Va.  (WUSA) - Republican Keith Fimian congratulated Congressman Gerry Connolly in a statement saying he's decided not to pursue a recount in Virginia's 11th District race.

The congressman was re-elected by only 981 votes, or about .4%.

"I had blockage in an artery and was causing me some discomfort," said Congressman Gerry Connolly who spent last weekend in the hospital after a routine test which found a blood clot. He told reporters he's fine and wanted to focus on his win, not on the slim margin.

"There were four competitive races in Virginia. Only one was left standing. You're looking at him," he said.

He called the election the most toxic for democrats in 64 years and said he rejected the questions about why he almost lost the race to how he pulled it off in such a climate.

Haymarket Teen is Recognized by Police and Fire Departments for Heroism

From Prince William County Police Department:

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA . . . Christopher “Chris” Berger of Haymarket was recognized Nov. 9 by the Police Department and the Department of Fire & Rescue for his quick thinking and heroism in helping a Haymarket man from an overturned and burning SUV – thus saving the man’s life – just weeks before Chris began his senior year of high school.

“Prince William County has great youth living here and Chris exemplifies what is great about them,” said Fire and Rescue Chief Kevin McGee. “His actions saved the life of another person and without that, the outcome would have been very tragic.” Police Chief Charlie T. Deane added his praise of Chris’ actions: “I’m proud of this young man because we never know how we’re going to react in a life threatening situation and Chris demonstrated a selfless regard for others.”