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Trial for daycare workers continued | News

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Trial for daycare workers continued

MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA9) -- The trial for two women accused of abusing toddlers at a Woodbridge daycare has been continued until February 26.

Two parents of allegedly abused children spoke out Wednesday for the first time.

"Both women need to be in prison for this crime. My daughter was abused on an ongoing basis at the center, as a result she is receiving treatment for it," said the mother of a 1-year-old girl.

"It's horrific," said a father of a 2-year-old.

A mother and a father brought together for all the wrong reasons. Both do not want to be identified. Her one-year-old she says was regularly abused for an 8-month period last year.

His 2-year old, he says, stopped talking because of what happened at the Minnieland Academy at the Glen in Woodbridge, located at 4290 Prince William Pkwy in Woodbridge.

"It's horrific. These providers are given the privilege to be with our children because we have to make a living and they abused that in every way physically, emotionally."

Twenty-four-year-old Kierra Nicole Spriggs and 29-year-old Sarah Jordan are both charged with abusing two children for months.

Child Protective Services reported the caretakers encouraged aggressive behavior, stepped on children's toes and tripped them.

They're accused of torturing kids who were afraid of water by spraying a hose in their faces on full blast, often times for their amusement. The report also says the two fed the children flaming hot Cheetos and called one girl ugly.

"They took something very precious from these kids, in my daughter's case she stopped talking completely. We had to send her to therapy and my wife and I are going to spend the foreseeable future trying to figure out the ongoing behavioral issues because of what these women did."

While these two are not the parents of the children related to the current charges, Child Protective Services says at least 9 children were mistreated.

James McCoart III, the attorney representing more than a dozen parents say these current charges are only the beginning.

"No one expects February to be the end of the criminal charges for these two people. The pain is indescribable. I'm a parent I have kids and I can't imagine my kids being subjected for one moment of abuse let alone the ongoing abuse for a number of months," McCoart says.

The trial has been continued until next month, leaving parents waiting for what they believe will be justice.

"The families are pleased with the work of law enforcement and prosecutors. We feel confident that if this case had gone forward today there would've been a conviction," said McCoart.

The parents have not filed a civil lawsuit yet. Their attorney says Minnieland Academy has been put on notice that civil attorneys are involved.


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