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Toddlers suffered cruel treatment at Daycare | News

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Toddlers suffered cruel treatment at Daycare

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WUSA9) -- Disturbing allegations of one Woodbridge daycare has parents pulling their children out of the daycare.

The Department of Social Services investigation, revealed toddlers endured abused over a six-month period. Now Prince William County Police are investigating possible criminal behavior at the Minnieland Academy at the Glen.

The Virginia Department of Social Services says at least 9 children were allegedly mistreated.

Aaron Rogers says despite abuse allegations in the toddler room he's keeping his 5-year- old in daycare.

"I haven't lost any confidence."

But we did find families including one pulling their daughter out of Minnieland Academy at the Glen in Woodbridge on Friday.

The alleged abuse happened from February to August.

The Virginia Department of Social Services investigation revealed two caretakers who 'punished toddlers physically and emotionally often for their own entertainment.'

In one case a caretaker fed 'flaming hot Cheetos.' In another, an employee told a toddler she was 'ugly and that her face and lips looked like a rat.' The report says the two employees encouraged aggressive behavior often 'pushing and tripping the toddlers.' They 'routinely' singled out children who were afraid of water and proceeded to 'spray the toddlers with the hose on high pressure often times in their faces.' The children would cry, the reports says, while the caretaker 'laughed.'

This was all happening right under the nose of corporate, which is located right next door. 

"My daughter was in that specific classroom the entire time the abuse was taking place and nobody notified me."

Traci King-Helmick took her daughter out of Minnieland Academy after she found out about the allegations. She says her daughter was not named in the report and believes she was not affected, but believes the daycare had a responsibility to tell her. 

"If not a legal obligation a moral obligation."

Minnieland Academy has since fired the two caretakers accused of misconduct and as for the other employees who witnessed but did nothing about it were either fired or they resigned.

Here's a link for you to see if there are any violations at your Virginia daycare. 


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