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Piccadilly Circus Is Coming to Dulles April 23-29 | Arts & Culture

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Piccadilly Circus Is Coming to Dulles April 23-29
Piccadilly Circus Is Coming to Dulles April 23-29


The following information was sent to us by Cuinn Griffin:


Piccadilly Circus brings Big Top fun to Dulles Town Center April 25 - 29!  


Racing camels, the largest herd of performing camels in the world is one of the animal features of 

the show.  Oka, a 9000 pound Asian elephant stands atop a 3 foot round ball & rolls across the 

circus ring, showing the amazing balance of these giant behemoths.  Oka is joined by a herd of 

African & Asian elephants and dancing zebras. 


The Romanian Olympic High Bar Team performs feats that prove why these athletes deserved all 

their medals. The giant catapult sends acrobatic daredevils flying high in the air while others dive 

from the very heights of the Big Top; a Big Top that soars 80 feet in the air. 


Motorcycles defy gravity, showgirls on stilts tower above the audience and giant wheels of death 

rotate at breathtaking speeds.  It’s all designed to keep you on the edge of your seats and gasping 

in awe. 


Comedy reigns with the world’s funniest circus comedian!  If your sides don't split and your belly 

doesn't ache and your jaws aren't sore -- you just don't have a funny bone.  And wait till you see the 

smallest bike on the planet. It's comedy for the whole family. 


Come early with the family and enjoy the Circus Fun Zone with Elephant, Camel and Pony rides, & a 

Free Petting Zoo. 


Tickets and Show Times are available online.

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